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Amiga CD32 FMV Cap Kit


Amiga CD32 FMV Cap Kit


NEW GENUINE PANASONIC Capacitor Kit for the CD32 FMV Unit.

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NEW GENUINE PANASONIC Capacitor Kit for the CD32 FMV Unit.

Capacitor Kit for the Amiga CD32 FMV Unit.

Is your FMV Unit having issues, artefacts or weird sound? Have your capacitors leaked?

If your beloved rare CD32 FMV has not been re-capped, it's time to keep it alive! 

This kit is an all-in-one kit for ALL Revisions!

Comes with colour-coded easy to read re-capping guide. LOW PRICE!

Included in this DIY Kit:

  • BRAND NEW 100% Genuine Panasonic Long-Life Caps
  • LOW ESR Rating
  • EASY to use Colour-coded Recapping Guide!
  • Shipped in ANTI-STATIC BAG
  • FREE Date of Recap Stickers! (Fill out with your own Sharpie Pen)
  • FREE UK Mainland Domestic Postage!
  • LOW International Postage!
  • 14-Day Dead-On-Arrival Guarantee!

List of Caps:

2x 10uF 35v | 6x 47uF 16v | 5x 100uF 25v


  • Correct tools & materials for recapping (soldering iron, solder, through-hole removal tools, desoldering tools etc)
  • Amiga CD32 FMV Unit (All revisions)
  • User with knowledge of how to install and use product.

Note: Retrobench accepts no liability in the use of this product. Use at your own risk. FMV Unit & CD32 are you own, we do not supply these.

Thanks for looking!