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Does your stuff work?

Yes! We test all of our products on original Retro Hardware to make sure it's all fully compatible. Not only that, we use original schematics and technical documents to make sure everything works.

Do you use cheap Capacitors in your Cap Kits?

Nope! We only use original branded Capacitors, such as Panasonic, Wurth, United Chemi-con & Nichicon. All are rated either exactly as the originals, or with even higher specs for an even longer life.

Can you repair my X? Do you do repair services?

We currently don't do repair services, however we can recommend users either visit AmiBay, the Commodore Amiga Facebook group, or use this list of approved repairers from RobTheNerd: .

I'm really looking for X, do you have it for sale?

Everything we have for sale & in-stock is on our site. From time-to-time we will stock limited items, but they will be taken down when we run out of stock. If you have an idea for a new product & there is enough demand, please Contact Us.

I have a problem with my order. Where can I get help?

Please let us know via the contact us page for help with your issues.

Can you walk me through how to repair X or fit X from your store?

We provide detailed instructions on our kits which say so, but many of our products come 'as-is' and are expected to be fitted by hobbyists with good electronics knowledge, or electronics profesionals. If you do not poses the tools & skills to use our products, you should not buy them.